Israeli Rabbi Says “Soon Israelis Can Visit Saudi Arabia”

Israeli Rabbi Says “Soon Israelis Can Visit Saudi Arabia”
Mon Aug 8, 2016 15:07:40

Former Israeli minister Rabbi Michael Melchior has said that Israelis will be able to visit the Wahhabist kingdom “much sooner than you dream about.” He continued by saying that its “in the cards and it will, as we say Inshallah, ‘with god’s help,’ happen very soon.”

The Rabbi said that his meeting with the Saudi regime focused on “religious issues related to diplomacy between the two sided,” Al Masdar Reports.

Melchior who is a former Knesset member for the " One Israel party " and the current chief rabbi of Norway continued: “Religious peace is a way of using another language other than the secular language of the Arab peace plan… religious peace is a way of including those Mullahs who are not yet part of this thinking.”

"Asked about Saudi Arabia’s record of promoting Takfiri extremism internationally, he said: “We’re trying to go ahead with the positive side of this. Today there is a big part of the Sunni world — and also the Shia world — who want to be part of the world. Saudi Arabia is investing a lot in getting the Israelis to adopt the Arab peace plan, at least as a basis for negotiations.”"

Melchior noted that that “the Sunni Arab world has neither condemned nor supported” last months meeting between him and the Saudi regime.

Condemnation was loudly heard from predominately Shiite Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

An exception, he acknowledged, is the Arab-Israeli Hadash party, which condemned the visit as “part of the normalization of cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran, Syria and resistance movements in the region” and Hamas.

“Even the Hamas condemnation was a very soft condemnation, they said it was not the right time for such a meeting but they didn’t really condemn it,” Melchior said.


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