Footage Shows Houthi Ansarallah Forces Advancing on Al-Jawf Province

Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:02:12

Houthi Ansarallah Forces, backed by the Yemeni Army and Yemen Republican Guard, have made good advancement in the Al Jawf Governorate of northern Yemen this week, capturing several sites from the Saudi backed former fled President Hadi loyalists in the Aqraba area.

With their latest gains, the Houthi forces and their allies are now on the fringes of the provincial capital of Al-Jawf, leaving the Hadi loyalists with only one way out of the city.

The Saudi Royal Air Force has attempted to forestall the Houthi advance by launching several airstrikes over the Aqraba area; however, it has done little damage to the anti-government forces.

In addition to their advance at Al Jawf, the Houthi forces have managed to capture several points near Jabal Doud on Friday, killing a large number of Saudi aggressor forces in the process, Al-Masdar reports.


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