Turkish Police Forces Raid Incirlik Airbase

Turkish Police Forces Raid Incirlik Airbase
Mon Jul 18, 2016 21:54:27

Local media have reported that Turkish police has raided the Incirlik base to search and investigate this place where the US-led coalition's jets are based.

Local newspaper, Hurriyet quoted informed sources as reporting that the Turkish prosecutor's office representatives, flanked by police forces are running search and investigation at the Incirlik base.

The development comes as the top commander of Incirlik air base was arrested by the Turkish police on Sunday after a coup attempt in the country ended in failure.

The Incirlik airbase's top commander, Bakir Ercan Van, was among the six thousand military and judiciary personnel arrested across Turkey on suspicion of involvement in the abortive coup.

On Saturday, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that Turkish airspace was closed due to the coup attempt in the country. US media reported that the Incirlik base in southern Turkey was left without electricity and local authorities prevented movement to and from the base. Air operations from the base have also been suspended.

Incirlik is one of the bases that is used by the NATO. The United States is using the airbase for bombing and reconnaissance missions in Northern Syria and Iraq.

Turkish authorities accused the US of involving in organization of Friday’s military coup attempt in Turkey and stopped the movements into and out of the airbase.

The air base is considered the main location in Turkey that US servicemen are based in, and its closure led to a halt to US airstrikes against ISIL over Syria; FNA reported.


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