Syrian Army Inflicts Massive Losses on ISIS, Al-Nusra Front Militants in Last 24 Hours

Syrian Army Inflicts Massive Losses on ISIS, Al-Nusra Front Militants in Last 24 Hours
Tue Jul 12, 2016 15:15:23

The Syrian army has inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist groups during their military operations across country.

The Syrian Army troops stormed the strongholds of al-Nusra Front in Dara'a al-Balad, inflicting a heavy death toll on the terrorists.

The Syrian army men, in a fresh round of attacks, pounded al-Nusra's gatherings near Electricity Company and in the Western side of old customs building, which not only claimed the lives of several terrorists but destroyed their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Governor-General of Homs province Tallal al-Barazi announced that the Syrian army and its allies are preparing for massive operations against the terrorist groups to take full control of al-Salamiyeh region in Southern Hama province.

"The Syrian army in cooperation with its allied forces has been able to gain major achievements in the areas near Jab al-Jarrah, al-Massoudieh and Maksar al-Hessan towns in the Eastern parts of Homs and win back more regions from the ISIL," Barazi told FNA.

He said the army units have established their positions in the Eastern and Northern parts of Homs, and described it as a prelude to massive military operations in Hama and Salamiyeh.

Barazi said that the Eastern and Northeastern parts of Homs province are witnessing clashes now, adding that the conditions are appropriate for the resistance forces' advance in Eastern Homs.

The Syrian army and National Defense Forces (NDF) in a fresh military operation against the Al-Nusra Front Takfiri terrorist group managed to seize back the village of al-Ramliyeh in the Southern part of Hama province, and killed tens of militants in heavy clashes on Sunday.

The Syrian government troops took full control of al-Ramliyeh village and its surrounding hilltops in the Southern parts of al-Salamiyeh region.

At least 60 al-Nusra Front terrorists were killed and their military vehicles equipped with machineguns were also destroyed in the battle over al-Ramliyeh village.

The Syrian Army's artillery units opened heavy fire at terrorists' construction machinery used for building new supply road to connect the Northern countryside of Aleppo to militant-held regions near the border with Turkey.

The Syrian artillery units targeted terrorists' construction machinery in al-Lairamoun in the Northern countryside of Aleppo and did not allow them to open a new supply route form the city to the Northern parts of the province.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their advances in the Northern part of the city of Manbij in Aleppo province on Monday, and are now very close to seizing back a strategic road in the region.

The SDF started their massive operations in the key region of Sabah al-Bahr in the Northern part Manbij on Sunday to take full control of Manbij-Jarablus road.

The Syrian Kurdish forces killed 28 ISIS terrorists in clashes over Manbij-Jarablus road and they have inched closer to recapture the road now.

In the Western part of Aleppo city, the Kurdish forces managed to capture the government hospital as the Syrian fighter jets struck the ISIS terrorists' positions in city center and the Eastern part of the city.

The Kurdish forces, meantime, repelled ISIL's attack on recently liberated villages along al-Sajour River from the Western side of the village of Dadat which is located 15 kilometers to the North of Manbij.

Earlier on Monday, the SDF shot down an ISIL spy drone flying over their positions near the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was brought down after it was intercepted over positions of Manbij Military Council, affiliated to the Kurdish-led SDF.

The ISIS drone was equipped with imaging devices and bombs.

Meantime, scores of terrorists were killed and wounded and their military equipment and vehicles were badly damaged in clashes with the Syrian Army troops in the neighborhoods of the Aleppo city.

The Syrian soldiers hit the militant groups' strongholds with different types of light and heavy weapons near the city's traffic police building in al-Hall Bazaar neighborhood, which not only claimed the lives of several terrorists but destroyed their military hardware in large scale.

Earlier reports said that terrorist groups, once again, stormed army' positions in al-Malaah region in Northern Aleppo, but retreated from the battlefield after only half an hour of clashes with government troops.

"A large number of terrorists from Nouralddeen al-Zinki, Mountain's Hawks and Faylaq al-Rahman stormed the strongholds of the Syrian army and its allies in Southern farms of al-Malaah, but their attacks were unsuccessful due to strong defense and heavy fire of the Syrian government forces," the sources said.

"Al-Nusra Front's fighters did not accompany the other terrorist groups this time. It seems that al-Nusra commanders have no hope to advance in Northern Aleppo and have came to this conclusion the more attacks will end in more casualties," the sources said.

"Only half an hour of defense by the Syrian army and popular fighters forced the terrorist groups to pull their members back from the battlefield," the sources added.

The ISIS terrorist group executed tens of its own fighters in recent days on charges of fleeing Raqqa - the capital of its self-proclaimed Caliphate - to find safer shelters in Syria, Iraq or Turkey, informed sources said.

"The ISIL has executed at least 70 of its own members, who tried to leave Raqqa due to recent advances of the Syrian army near the ISIL-held city and the pro-government's firm will to liberate the Raqqa," the sources said, adding, "The religious judge of Raqqa has issued a Fatwa (religious decree), which allows ISIL's security forces to killed anybody leaving Raqqa without permission."

The Syrian military forces continued to push back the terrorist groups from their strongholds in a key town in Western Ghouta, destroying hideouts of their snipers in several building blocks.

The Syrian soldiers stormed positions of the terrorist groups in the town of Darayya and captured more building block, large residential area with the length of 500 meters and width of 350 meters to Eastern side of Nouralddeen Sho'ait mosque.

The terrorist snipers, who were using the building block to hide and hit civilians, retreated from their positions leaving behind several advanced rifles.

The Takfiri groups also suffered a heavy death toll in the army's advances.

One of the notorious commanders and emir of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in al-Rastan region was killed in clashes with the Syrian Army troops.

Mahmoud Abdulkarim Brouq and at least 10 members of the Takfiri group were killed in the Syrian soldiers' attacks in a region between the villages of al-Qajar and al-Zara.

The Syrian fighter jet, meantime, targeted ISIL's positions in Jubb al-Jarrah in Eastern Homs, which ended in the killing or wounding of several terrorists.

Deir Ezzur
The Syrian warplanes traced and targeted a long convoy of ISIL's military vehicles in Southern Deir Ezzur, destroying most of the columns' vehicles.

The Syrian army aircraft struck ISIL's line of vehicles on a road near al-Thardah mountain, which ended in destruction of most of the groups' cars and killing or wounding of several Takfiri terrorists accompanying the column.

In the meantime, the Syrian Army troops repelled ISIL's offensive to prevail the government forces' positions near al-Thardah mountain, and forced them to retreat from the battlefield.

The ISIL used several bomb-laden suicide vehicles in the first round of attacks but the army soldiers targeted the entire number of suicide vehicles before they could reach to government positions, FNA reported.


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