VIDEO: Russian, Syrian Fighter Jets Impose Major Losses on Terrorists in Aleppo

Tue Jul 12, 2016 13:17:40

The Russian and Syrian fighter jets, in a fresh round of joint combat sorties, targeted the positions of terrorist groups in different districts of Aleppo city, leaving scores of militants dead or wounded.

The Syrian and Russian aircraft bombed concentration centers of the militants in al-Lairamoun industrial region, Bani Zeid neighborhood and Castillo highway, which ended in the killing of many militants and slowed their military movements down.

In the meantime, the Syrian soldiers and their popular allies engaged in heavy fighting with the terrorists in Western side of Sheikh Maqsoud and Bani Zeid neighborhoods and registered very good advances against the foreign-backed terrorists in al-Lairamoun industrial region.

At least 45 percent of al-Lairamoun is under full control of the Syrian army. 

Reports said earlier today that Syrian Army troops and their Palestinian allies, in a joint large-scale offensive, pushed back the militants from their strongholds in the Eastern farms of al-Malaah region and took control of two strategic regions there.

The Syrian soldier and the Palestinian Liwa al-Quds, in several hours of non-stop battle, advanced significantly against the militant groups in Northern side of Handarat camp and recaptured the regions of al-Madajen and al-Koroum, which also ended in the killing of at least 42 terrorists and wounding of many more, FNA reported.


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