VID: 250 ISIS Terrorists in 40 Convoys Escaping Fallujah Killed by Iraqi Army

Sat Jul 2, 2016 13:52:38

40 ISIS vehicles have been completely destroyed near Amiriyat al-Fallujah east of Anbar province by Iraqi airstrikes. An Iraqi military source said the convoy managed to break through the security cordon imposed around the recently-liberated city of Fallujah and escaped to an open desert area.

“The Joint Special Operation Commanded ordered the Iraqi air force to destroy the convoy in spite of the bad weather after the US-led coalition refused to engage in the aerial campaign”, a military source clarified.

The airstrikes killed at least 250 jihadists with their vehicles; some are loaded with weapons and ammunition and equipped with machine guns.

A combat footage released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense shows parts of the operation.

Located nearly 60 m to the west of Baghdad, the Iraqi Security Forces, backed by Popular Mobilization Forces, declared Fallujah fully liberated after nearly 2 years of being under ISIS control, almasdarnews reports.


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