Photos Show Fat ISIS Terrorist Seems to be New Bulldozer of Syria’s Raqqa

Photos Show Fat ISIS Terrorist Seems to be New Bulldozer of Syria’s Raqqa
Thu Jun 30, 2016 13:28:12

Terrifying pictures have emerged of an obese ISIS fanatic beheading a prisoner just weeks after footage showed the apparent capture of a 20 stone executioner known as 'The Bulldozer'.

The heavily-built terrorist, dressed in military fatigues and wearing a black balaclava, can be seen swinging a 4ft sword down on to the head of his victim in Raqqa, Syria.

His appearance will prompt speculation that ISIS has found a replacement for its most feared butcher, a towering savage famed for beheading unarmed men and amputating young children.

Pictures show the latest hulking militant reading out charges in front of a crowd in the ISIS stronghold, before the prisoner who had been accused of 'apostasy', is tied to a chair.

The bespectacled extremist then brings a huge sword crashing down on the victim's neck.

ISIS websites also published pictures of the same man beheading two suspected blasphemers in front of hundreds of men and young boys in Iraq's Anbar province.

Images show the terrorist leaping into the air before bringing the large sword crashing down onto the neck of his helpless victims.

A final picture shows the bloody corpses of the headless men strewn across the courtyard as his fellow terrorists disperse the gathered crowds, Daily Mail reported.


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