15 Killed as ISIS Continues Attacks in, around Baghdad

15 Killed as ISIS Continues Attacks in, around Baghdad
Sun May 15, 2016 22:21:17

Bomb attacks by Takfiri group Daesh in and around the Iraqi capital Baghdad have left at least 15 people killed.

Security and health officials said on Sunday that seven people, including two soldiers, were killed in a car bomb that targeted a shopping area in the town of Latifiyah, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Baghdad.

At least 18 people were also wounded in the attack, four of whom soldiers, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Police said three separate bomb attacks targeted commercial areas inside Baghdad, killing at least eight civilians and wounding 28 others. Medical officials confirmed the casualty figures.

The attacks were the latest in a new spate of bombings to have hit the Iraqi capital over the past days. Daesh, a terror group controlling areas in west and north, has claimed responsibility for the violence which has left more than 140 killed since Wednesday.

Earlier on Sunday, at least 11 people, including policemen, were killed and 21 others wounded when bomb attacks ripped through a state-run cooking gas factory in the town of Taji, located 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Baghdad.

Iraqis said that Daesh is trying to make up for its loss of ground to Iraqi security forces over the past months.

“Daesh is turning to targeting civilian facilities in cities after losing the battle on the front,” said Colonel Mohamed al-Bidhani, of the government's "war media cell" on Sunday.

New estimates by the government show Daesh now controls only 14 percent of Iraqi territory, down from the 40 percent it held in 2014, with top officials vowing to clear the entire Iraqi soil from militants in 2016.

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