70 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraqi Army Offensives in Anbar Province

70 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraqi Army Offensives in Anbar Province
Sat May 7, 2016 16:19:13

The Iraqi army inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists during its advances in the Western province of Anbar.

At least 70 ISIL (Islamic State , ISIS , IS and DAESH) militants were killed in the Iraqi army attacks on terrorists' positions in Anbar province.

The Iraqi troops also destroyed four bomb-laden vehicles, including a Hummer, and defused all the bombs and mines in the area.

Meantime, the Iraqi army's artillery units also pounded an ISIL gathering center in al-Rashad region.

The army units also annihilated the terrorists' concentration centers in al-Maamir region in Anbar province.

In a relevant development earlier on Saturday, the provincial officials in Anbar province disclosed that the government troops have made remarkable advances in Fallujah outskirts and are likely to seize back a strategic road any hour now.

"The Iraqi military forces will declare the capture of al-Ameriya-Fallujah-Ramadi road in coming hours," member of Anbar provincial council Taha Abdel Ghani told FNA.

Abdel Ghani reiterated that the Iraqi troops have earned the upper hand in the region and will soon win full control over Ameriya-Fallujah-Khalediyeh road.

The four strategic regions of Albu Asi, Al-Fahilat, Albu Daij and Albu Khaled are located alongside Ameriya-Fallujah road, making it a highly valued target for either side of the war.

Abdel Ghani pointed to the advances made by other Iraqi army units in the Southern suburban areas of Fallujah city, and said, "The Iraqi forces in a series of operations in Southern Fallujah managed to win control of several villages and al-Salam-Ameriya road and restored security to the road."

Also on Saturday, the Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) continued their advances in Anbar province against the ISIL terrorists and seized back a number of key villages and a strategic road near Fallujah city.

The army units are now in full control over several villages and restored security to Ameriya-Salam Road by pushing back terrorists from the region.

The ISIL terrorists' armored vehicles and arms depots were destroyed in the army offensives.

The ISIL terrorists, however, tried to attack the Iraqi army's positions with three suicide vehicles, but the Hashd al-Shaabi (popular) forces destroyed the vehicles and killed all the terrorists inside.

The Iraqi fighter jets, meantime, struck and destroyed the military vehicles and ammunition depots of the ISIL along Ameriya-Salam road.

Also, the Iraqi forces fortified their positions in al-Salam village to the West of al-Bu Gharib and took full control of its police center.

The Iraqi warplanes also hit the terrorists' positions in the Northern part of the Euphrates River in the suburban area of al-Baghdadi region Northwest of al-Ramadi.

ISIL still controls Fallujah, only 50 kilometers (30 miles) West of Iraqi capital Baghdad, but it is almost completely besieged by pro-government forces.

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