6,000 Terrorists Arrived in Syria from Turkey in Recent Days

6,000 Terrorists Arrived in Syria from Turkey in Recent Days
Wed May 4, 2016 09:51:08

"Around 6,000 terrorists have crossed the border and entered Syrian territories in recent days," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi as saying on Tuesday.

Late in April, Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halqi also warned that more than 5,000 fresh militants crossed the border into the Northwestern provinces of Aleppo and Idlib from Turkey, stressing that the ceasefire agreement was being violated by certain parties.

The Syrian prime minister stressed that it's “just the opposite, they are aiding in the escalation of terrorist activity and arming terrorists. Over the last week, more than 5,000 troops crossed the border with Turkey into the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib.”

As terrorist groups continue to target residential areas in Aleppo city, al-Zoubi stressed that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are responsible for the bloody acts of Takfiri militants against innocent civilians.

"Turkish and Saudi commanders have issued the order for targeting Syrian civilians and army troops in Aleppo," the Syrian information minister said.

Al-Zoubi also criticized the international bodies and countries for keeping mum about the crimes of the Takfiri terrorists in Aleppo, calling it as "suspicious and questionable".

Violence in Syria, and particularly in Aleppo, has intensified in recent days, despite a partial truce.

Almost a dozen civilians were killed and several more wounded in the terrorist groups' rocket attack s on the  several neighbourhoods and hospital inside Aleppo Yesterday.



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