VIDEO: ISIS released a video from inside the cement plant

VIDEO: 30 Syrian Cement Factory Workers Still Are under Daesh Captivity

Sun Apr 10, 2016 16:20:12

So-called Islamic State terrorist group still holding 30 Badieh cement factory workers captive as they question hostages over their religion and execute those who 'wrongly' answer the questions.

According to Daily mail, the terrorist group abducted 300 members of staff from Al-Badia Cement Company in Dumeir, near Damascus in Syria, earlier this week as they launched a surprise attack on government forces.

Nearly three dozen people - all of which were guards - are still being help by the group, who immediately murdered those from a minority Druze sect and asked others if they were Muslims. 

It was reported that 175 worker executed by ISIS terrorists.

The kidnapping sparked a war of words with the terrorist group's media arm initially saying the workers were unhurt while the state's military said they had been massacred.

Earlier reports also claimed a source in the company told state-run news agency SANA that there has been no success in efforts to establish contact with any of the workers.

SANA said 'employees and executives of the Al-Badia cement factory' were abducted by the terrorists after local residents reported that at least 250 workers at the plant had been missing since Monday.

'The company has informed the industry ministry that it hasn't been able to make contact with kidnapped individuals,' SANA said.

A factory administrator said the factory workers have been unreachable since Monday.

A resident said: 'We haven't been able to reach our family members since noon on Monday after an attack by Daesh on the factory. We have no information about where they are.'

ISIS affiliated propaganda site Aamaq also released a video from inside the cement plant, about 28 miles (45 kilometers) northeast of Damascus, showing trucks and bulldozers in the sprawling facility. Some fighters could be seen inside.

Mass abductions have taken place on occasion in Syria during the country's devastating civil war, now in its sixth year, most often of religious minorities such as Christians.

The Druze,  made up about five per cent of Syria's pre-war population.


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