Our Missiles Are Only Defensive: Iran’s FM Zarif Says

Our Missiles Are Only Defensive: Iran’s FM Zarif Says
Wed Mar 30, 2016 19:54:08

Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister wrote in his Twitter, 'We have always said we will continue with developing our defense capacity and the defense equipment has nothing to do with chemical weapons.'

Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that Iran will develop its defense capabilities to safeguard national sovereignty of the government.

He said, 'Compared to other regional states, we spend only a mere portion on the defense equipment.'

"'The missiles are only for defensive purposes and we have not invaded any country, neither we will do so in the future either.'"

The foreign minister said, 'If we had missiles during Saddam's war on us, they may have discouraged or at least reduced his indiscriminate attacks on our civilians.'

He said that Iran hasn't attacked any country in 250 years. 'But when Saddam rained missiles on us and gassed our people for eight years, no one helped us.'

'I challenge those who accuse Iran of provocation to make the same statement as IRGC commander: we will not use force except in defense.'

He said that neither JCPOA nor the UN Security Council Resolution prohibit Iran from missiles not designed for nuclear warheads, IRNA reports.

'Read the document: It's plain English not legalese.' Head of Iran diplomatic organ had in his recent visits to Australia and New Zealand talked to Radio New Zealand and stressed that Iranian missile tests are not in contrast with the nuclear accord.

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