ISIL Top Commander Omar al-Shishani Confirmed Dead

ISIL Top Commander Omar al-Shishani Confirmed Dead
Thu Mar 17, 2016 19:49:40

Omar al-Shishani, a top ISIL commander who was a magnet for fighters from the former Soviet Union, has died of wounds suffered in an airstrike in Syria, different sources confirmed.

Shishani, whose real name is Tarkhan Batirashvili, was wounded this month and died on Monday outside the ISIL's main stronghold of Raqqa, in Syria, the sources told the AP news agency.

A US military spokesman confirmed the reports, al-Jazeera said in another report.

A US air strike targeted Shishani on March 4 near Eastern Syrian town of Shaddadeh, Peter Cook, the Pentagon press secretary, said last week.

Rami Abdurrahman, head of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said after Shishani was wounded, ISIL "brought a number of doctors to treat him, but they were not able to".

The spokesman for the US-led coalition, Army Colonel Steve Warren, said on Tuesday the coalition was able to "assess that he is dead" and that it "got the word Monday morning;" FNA reported.


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