Russian Nanny Who Behead 4 YO Girl Was Inspired by Online ISIS Videos

Russian Nanny Who Behead 4 YO Girl Was Inspired by Online ISIS Videos
Tue Mar 15, 2016 16:14:58

A killer nanny who decapitated a four-year-old girl and paraded her severed head in the streets of Moscow has claimed she was inspired by watching horrific ISIS beheading videos online.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 38, is currently caged inside a psychiatric hospital at a Russian high security prison, notorious for never having an escapee during the Soviet era.

In a chilling interview the smirking nanny, from her cell emblazoned with a sign reading “special control”, confessed that she felt more sorry for herself than the innocent child she had murdered. Bobokulov strangled little Nastya Meshcheryakova before decapitating her head with a kitchen knife.

She then set the girl’s family flat on fire befor she was detained by police.

Pictures of the mother-of-three dressed in a burka clutching the head of Nastya sent shockwaves around the world.

Earlier, the nanny claimed she had killed the child in revenge for the Vladimir Putin’s bombing campaign in war-torn Syria.Now, in a shocking admission the killer nanny has blamed watching ISIS videos for her shocking actions.


Holding her hand to her heart, she told a member of the Public Watch Commission, which protects the human rights of detainees: “I have a hatred here.

“They raised my hatred and it filled me. I saw online how they were cutting off heads. This hatred.

“There was a voice in my head: 'Do it to the girl'. 'I feel sorry a bit for her. I feel sorry for myself. I have no home, I have nothing.

“She was a good girl. But I don't have a home. Hatred.

“I saw how they cut off heads and I did it. The voices - I killed the girl, yes. But I don't need treatment. Let me go back to the normal jail.”

Bobokulov is currently caged in a cramped prison with no TV or fridge. She shares the room with another female prisoner.

Speaking from her bed with a grey blanket covering her head, she was asked if she felt sorry for her children because of her sickening crimes.

 The nanny replied: “They will make up their minds themselves, get married, have children. “And I've got nothing. Will I be an old woman? I don't want it.”

Despite claiming she did not want to eat, doctors say she is in fact eating well.

A doctor added: “Nobody will let her go back into the ordinary jail. She is dangerous and it is obvious for us. It is our duty to control her.”

If deemed fit to stand trial, Bobokulov faces up to 25 year behind bars after pleading guilty.

However if she is not, it is likely she will face a sentence in a specially guarded psychiatric prison, Express reported.


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