Syria Not Worried about Fate of Intra-Syrian Dialogue in Geneva: Assad Adviser

Tue Mar 8, 2016 13:37:44

The Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that Syria is not worried about the fate of intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva since “our criteria is our country, people, territorial integrity and the independence of our decision, and this criteria will not and nobody would be able to change it.”

Shaaban made it clear, in an interview with al-Manar TV Monday night, that the important thing for Syria is eliminating terrorism, restoring security and safety and territorial unity since Syrians would not accept, after all the sacrifices, but a united Syria.

“Syrian Government respects the cessation of hostilities agreement,” Shaaban said, expressing hope that the agreement would be a chance for those who raised weapons to return back to the homeland, stressing that the process of (reconciliation) is going on well on the national level.

Shaaban affirmed that “there is no contradiction between Syrian policy and that of the Russian ally “ rebuffing what media outlets claim of “differences” between the two sides and reaffirming that “Russia deals with Syria with full respect and everything between the two sides is discussed, agreed upon and the relations between them is excellent.”

The Presidential political and media advisor asserted that Saudi and Turkish regimes do not have their own agendas, they are regional groups implement what they are asked to do, indicating that the US and Western Countries use Al Saud regime and its foreign minister Adel al-Jubair.

Shaaban affirmed that some sides of the “Syrian opposition” represent interests of countries which send mercenaries, money and weapons to kill Syrian people and destroy the country’s infrastructure, wondering whether it could be possible to call such tools “opposition”.

The presidential advisor affirmed that the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled on 13 April, are a constitutional duty for the Syrian people and nobody can stop constitutional term.

Reference what President of the Turkish regime Recep Erdogan said about establishing a city for the Syrian refugees at the Turkish borders, Shaaban said.. “This city would not be established, and nobody agreed with him in this issue.. He tries to establish a safe area but that would not happen”.

On Gulf Cooperation Countries’ (GCC) decision of labeling Hezbollah a “terrorist organization”, Shaaban said this decision is an outcome of being embraced by Zionism, as well as it is the outcome of a long history of cooperation with the enemies against the Arab nation, Sana reported.

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