End of ISIS Coming? Dozens of Terrorists Killed as Citizens Fight back against Terrorists

End of ISIS Coming? Dozens of Terrorists Killed as Citizens Fight back against Terrorists
Tue Mar 8, 2016 13:33:16

EVIL ISIS militants are being killed in their dozens by residents rising up against the oppressive regime.

The twisted terrorist that control the terror group’s strongholds in western Iraq are under attack from both residents and government forces.

A rebellion in the city of Fallujah had to be put down by the militants recently.

An argument, which began in a bread queue, spread to three districts and ended with number of people being executed.

Meanwhile a local official is reportedly on the run from the town of Heet after assassinating six local ISIS officials.

Hikmet al-Gaoud, a tribal sheikh from Heet, said the conditions ISIS force people to live under was the reason behind the rebellion.

He said: “They are violating families and harassing women.

“Every woman they like they want to take and marry.”

Speaking about the man who assassinated the brutal officials, he added he had finally “flipped”.

He said: “He killed six local ISIS leaders – all foreign, non-Iraqi Arabs.

“He managed to get away and contact us. He’s still on the run.”

At a bakery in Fallujah, two savage fighters controlling the shop were stabbed by a man queueing for bread.

After they shot him dead, locals fought back against the extremists.

The uprising led to the deaths of 25 terrorists and eight executions.

Fallujah mayor Issa al-Essawi, who has since fled to Baghdad, said the uprising led to ISIS being more wary, Express reported.

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