British Terrorist Recruited Jihadi John for ISIS Tracked to Turkey after Opening LinkedIn Account

British Terrorist Recruited Jihadi John for ISIS Tracked to Turkey after Opening LinkedIn Account
Tue Feb 16, 2016 18:46:36

A British extremist who escaped the country more than four years ago and has since played a key role recruiting for ISIS has been tracked to Turkey after setting up an account on LinkedIn.

According to the Home Office, Rabah Tahari, from Birmingham, is said to have formed a militia group linked to al-Qaeda. He is also believed to have helped ISIS executioner Jihadi John establish himself in Syria.

However, he has now alerted MI6 to his whereabouts after creating a profile on the business oriented social network, used by professionals to recommend individuals and clients for jobs.

Tahari, 46, signed up to the website from a computer in Turkey, Breitbart have reported.

In doing so, he alerted both Turkish and British security services to where he is currently based.

It was previously thought Tahari was in residence within the ISIS. The fact that he is not will spark fresh concerns that he may be making his way back to mainland Europe to carry out terrorist attacks or recruit more ISIS fighters.

It also means he will successfully evade bombing campaigns by the west.

Tahari was allegedly trained to use a range of weaponry while in Syria. He is considered a highly charismatic figure most famous for extremist propaganda videos posted on YouTube.

According to his LinkedIn page, he is connected with only two people.

One of those appears to be the former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, also from Birmingham.

Begg was cleared of terrorism charges two years ago - one of which included supporting Tahari in Syria.

His co-accused was Tahari’s wife, who also had her charge dropped.

It is claimed ‘Jihadi John’ - whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi - was drawn to ISIS by Tahari.

The former London schoolboy would go on to become ISIS masked executioner, responsible for the deaths of at least five British and American hostages, Daily Mail reported.



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