VIDEO: In New Hampshire Primary; Trump, Sanders Appear Victorious

Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:02:52

Real estate mogul Donald Trump and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders appear to have emerged victorious from the elections as polls have suggested ahead of the United States’ primary vote in the state of New Hampshire.

Trump and Sanders were announced at the vanguard of the Republican and Democratic parties respectively after the final polls closed at 8 pm ET in the key state on Tuesday.

In the GOP race, Trump won 34.2 percent of the vote and was followed by Ohio Governor John Kasich who got 16.3 percent.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz who had won the Iowa caucuses was in the third place with 11.6 percent of the votes ahead of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

In the Dem side, Sanders emerged victorious with 59.5 percent while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had won the Vermont senator in the Iowa caucuses, got 38.7 percent of the vote; Press TV reported.


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