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South Korea President Urges Tough Global Response to North Korea’s Nuclear Test

South Korea President Urges Tough Global Response to North Korea’s Nuclear Test
Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:26:25

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye on Wednesday urged the international community, and in particular China, to ensure that North Korea receives the strongest possible punishment for its latest nuclear test.

Her comments came as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un defiantly told his scientists to swell the size of the country’s nuclear arsenal with more powerful bombs capable of striking the United States.

Describing last week’s test as a gross provocation and an “unacceptable challenge” to global peace and security, Park said it was time to adopt a harsher line with the recalcitrant regime in Pyongyang.

“The international community’s countermeasures against North Korea’s last nuclear test must differ from the past,” Park told an annual press conference.

As well as working with the United Nations to adopt the “strongest” resolution to penalize North Korea, Seoul would also discuss additional “punitive sanctions” with the United States and its allies, Park said.

The president stressed that China, North Korea’s main ally and economic benefactor, would be critical in securing an effective Security Council resolution, AFP reported.


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