Germany’s Schröder: Iran Role in Expanding Mideast Stability ‘Undeniable’

Germany’s Schröder: Iran Role in Expanding Mideast Stability ‘Undeniable’
Tue Jan 12, 2016 17:46:01

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in a meeting with President Rouhani deemed Iran’s role in establishing peace and stability in the region ‘undeniable’.

Visiting former German Chancellor made the remark in a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the Iranian capital on Tuesday, while announcing Germany’s readiness to participate in humanitarian acts and provide assistance to refugees.

He also referred to Iran and the 5+1 nuclear agreement, deeming the implementation of the JCPOA and the removal of sanctions a new chapter in Tehran-Berlin bilateral cooperation; “the nuclear accord proved that international issues can be resolved through negotiations and we can use it as a model for settling other issues, such as the current situation in Syria,” he added.

The German official then noted the existing capacities in his country’s economy, calling for the expansion of cooperation with Iran in various fields.

The Iranian President, for his part, maintained that with the approaching implementation day of the nuclear deal, Iran will be able to further improve its international relations.

Noting that the results of the collective efforts of seven countries after negotiations and an agreement must be extensive economic, regional and political cooperation, President Rouhani added, “it is imperative for us to strengthen the foundations of the agreement in the course of its implementation and show the world how negotiation and dialogue can bring us all to a positive point.”

The President further noted the economic opportunities for the two countries in various sectors including automotive industry, port facilities, railways, energy and industrial fields.

“Iran, with its rail and sea transport facilities, the largest energy reserves in the region, high security, well-educated human resources, as well as its central geographical position for exporting goods to neighboring countries has all the appropriate potentials that can be utilized in expediting joint projects with Germany,” said Rouhani.

He further added that peace and security in the region are of utmost importance to Iran and the country is willing to make every effort in combating terrorism as a global scourge, MNA reported.


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