ISIS Wants Miss Iraq and Warns She Will be Abducted If Not Joins Terror Group

ISIS Wants Miss Iraq and Warns She Will be Abducted If Not Joins Terror Group
Wed Dec 23, 2015 20:09:06

Beauty queen crowned the first Miss Iraq since 1972 received a chilling phone call warning she would be abducted if she did not join ISIS, it has been claimed.

Shaymaa Qasim Abdelrahman received the threat after she was made champion in Iraq's capital Baghdad on Saturday, according Kuwaiti daily al-Watan.

According to Daily Mail, the student was told to join the caliphate or face being kidnapped.

Senan Kamel, the director of this contest who also organized Iraq's first fashion show in years last March had tried to tone down or adapt aspects of the contest out of respect for the taboos and sensibilities of a Muslim country.

'We deliberately organized the competition according to standards appropriate to Iraqi society, he said.

ISIS terror Group which was made by Wahhabism Ideology and is a puppet of western especially US and Zionist secret services, from its origin demonstrates such savageries that no religion didn’t approve such barbaric behaviors.

ISIS not only is Islamic but just is terror apparatus for killing people, Rape, massacre and barbaric savagery to operate west plans in Middle East.

It is interesting that terror group want Iraqi beauty queen for what they called “Jihad of Marriage” (Nikah Jihad) or in fact sex slavery for its corrupted self-proclaimed caliphate Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

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