US Strategic Defeat in Syria Urged Kerry to Meet Putin

US Strategic Defeat in Syria Urged Kerry to Meet Putin
Wed Dec 16, 2015 09:34:26

US Secretary of State John Kerry has visited Russian President Vladimir Putin to find a face saving solution to replace American failed regime change operation in Syria.

Eric Draitser, the founder of, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday as Kerry arrived in Moscow and met with Russian authorities, saying "I look forward to making real progress."

The geopolitical analyst said the US is seeking a "face saving gesture,” while "The Russians are looking for a way to swiftly bring an end to their military involvement in Syria” by destroying the Daesh Takfiri terrorists.

In regard to the government and President Bashar al-Assad, there seems to be "no consensus" between the two sides with the US considering Assad as “number one enemy actor in the conflict” and Russia promoting the idea that it is the Syrian people who are "in the position to determine whether Assad must go."

Russia has been carrying out an aerial campaign against Daesh positions in Syria since late September at the request of the Syrian government.

From the analyst’s viewpoint, what seems to be the problem is a “continuing disagreement" between Russia and US over Assad's role.

Draitser further noted that even in Washington “there is not a consensus as to what needs to happen in Syria… There are divisions in Washington.”

At a news conference inside the Kremlin on Tuesday, Kerry said, “The United States and its partners are not seeking so-called regime change as it is known in Syria,” adding that the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov did not focus on “what can or can’t be done immediately about Assad” but rather on establishing a political process where Syrians will be able to choose their own leader.

Daesh, which now controls parts of Syria and Iraq, has been engaged in crimes against humanity as well as the heritage of Iraq and Syria in the areas under its control.

The US and its allies have allegedly been targeting Daesh militants since September 2014 but to no avail; Press TV reported.


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