Terrifying ISIS Dungeon: Syrian Women Locked under Desert + PHOTOS & VIDEO

Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:33:37

Drawings made by terrified prisoners of houses in the countryside can be seen on the walls of the small, dark dungeon.

This is a terrifying dungeon deep in the desert where ISIS militants kept women prisoners trapped underground.

Small panels on the surface of the northern Syrian desert are the only hint of the horror that lies underneath.

Brutal ISIS militants are thought to have kept Yazidi woman prisoners inside the tiny, cramped space.

The women would have had barely any space to move and would have spent hours in complete darkness.

Despite this, heartbreaking images show how the prisoners drew on the walls, keeping a diary of their horrifying time locked up.

As seen in a Sky News investigation, one drawing appears to show a large house with a car and animals outside. 

It is not known what happened to the women believed to have been kept in the brutal dungeon.

It comes after reports that ISIS have constructed a missile capable of bringing down a jet, Mirror reported.


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