UK, US Reveal Fears that Russian Jet Downed by ISIS’s Bomb, VIDEO

Thu Nov 5, 2015 10:26:40

At least 20,000 Britons were stranded in Egypt last night as the airline terror crisis escalated. UK prime minister office said a bomb smuggled through Sharm El Sheikh Airport was probably behind the downing of a Russian airliner at the weekend.

Two C17 aircraft, which are normally used to airlift troops or military equipment and are based at RAF Brize Norton, are now on notice to deploy to the Middle East. They would be used to shuttle holiday makers to Cyprus where civilian carriers will be waiting, but reports indicate the airlift may not take place until the weekend.

"Reports last night suggested the government was not acting on information gathered from the wreckage, but instead from US intelligence. Satellite images are said to show a ‘flash’ before the aircraft plummeted to the ground, and one US official claimed ‘intercepted communications’ from Islamic State fighters also played a role. But despite these reports, David Cameron was caught up in a diplomatic row after openly saying the plane ‘may well have been brought down by an explosive device’.The Prime Minister was accused of acting ‘too hastily’ after all flights were suspended between the UK and Sharm El Sheikh."


An initial inspection of the Cockpit Voice Recorder, pictured, found 'unusual noises' immediately before the aircraft was destroyed, Daily Mail reports.

David Cameron responded by ordering the Foreign Office to warn against flying in or out of Sharm al Skeikh. All flights were subsequently cancelled. Today 19 flights are due to travel from the resort to the UK but it remains unclear if they will fly.

The UK Prime Minister is the first world leader to say the Russian Airbus was downed by a bomb.

Hours earlier ISIS issued a video boasting of shooting down the plane and warning of more attacks.
The crash, which cost 224 lives, would be the first successful airline attack by terrorists since two Russian jets were hit by extremists in 2004.

US intelligence shows the Russian jet crash was probably caused by a bomb planted by ISIS.

A video also emerged of Russian terrorists praising the 'Sinai brothers' for allegedly destroying the jet and warning Vladimir Putin of further attacks in revenge for air strikes against the ISIS in Syria.

Click the Image to watch the video

ISIS personally threaten Putin and pledge to liberate Chechnya



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