New Footage of Russian Crashed Plane Adds Weight to Blast or Fire

Wed Nov 4, 2015 17:26:58

New shocking footage of Russian Crashed Plane shows the wreckage is burning two hours after it crashed, Adds weight to evidence the plane was hit by blast or fire.

Russian plane crashed in Egypt, killed all 224 people on board. The footage, taken around two hours after the Airbus A321 went down in the Sinai desert, came as more shocking details were revealed about the last minutes of the terrified victims, The Daily Telegraph reported.

A doctor who examined around half the bodies comments add further weight to evidence the Metrojet plane suffered an explosion or catastrophic fire that caused it to break up mid-air.

"A doctor who examined around half the bodies recovered from the crash site said many had suffered horrific burns moments before their death."

But amid ongoing confusion about the fate of the doomed jet, forensic experts also revealed today that initial tests found no explosives on the victims.

A source carrying out examinations told Russian news agency Tass: 'Preliminary tests did not reveal traces of explosives on the bodies of those killed.'

The agency also cited an Egyptian expert who claimed the bodies displayed 'no signs of external impact'.

The findings cast more doubt on claims by airline company Metrojet that only 'external factors' could have caused the crash rather than pilot error or a mechanical fault.

"It came as the ISIS branch which claimed responsibility for downing the plane released a new statement challenging sceptics to prove it did not."

The terrorist group, which operates in the Sinai Peninsula, again provided no details in its claim of responsibility in the audio message posted on social media sites today.

The group said: 'We brought it down, die in your rage. We are under no obligation to explain how it came down. Prove that we didn't bring it down and how it came down.

'Bring the wreckage and search it, bring your black boxes and analyses them and tell us the results of your investigation. We will detail how it came down at the time of our choosing.' 

The group claimed that the plane was brought down on the 17th day of the month of Muharram in the Islamic lunar calendar, the first anniversary of the affiliate's pledge of allegiance to ISIS.

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