Explosion Inside Cabin Brought Down Russian Passenger Jet

Explosion Inside Cabin Brought Down Russian Passenger Jet
Tue Nov 3, 2015 18:57:02

An Infra-red satellite shows a heat flash on the doomed Russian plane which crashed over Egypt - suggesting an explosion from INSIDE the jet was responsible for the disaster which left 224 dead.

It follows an executive at the Metrojet airline ruling out pilot error or a technical fault as responsible and saying an external factor brought the plane down at Sinai.

The US satellite does not show the heat flash moving as a missile would but is instead a single burst from inside the plane.

The latest information from the variety of sources suggests a bomb was planted onboard the aircraft.

ISIS previously released a chilling video purportedly showing terrorists shooting down the Russian plane, though it has not been verified.

Russian authorities had denied terrorists were behind the tragedy, and say it was due to a plane fault.

But yesterday a Metrojet official, Alexander Smirnov, ruled out technical issues or pilot error saying it was due to "an external impact on the plane".

However, when pressed for more details he refused to elaborate and explain what factor could have caused the disaster.

Mr Smirnov said: "The plane was in excellent condition. We rule out a technical fault and any mistake by the crew."

It follows the revelation the plane broke up in mid-air over Egypt and there was no distress call from the pilot, making it less likely a mechanical failure was the cause of the disaster.

Debris was also scattered over miles of desert, it has been claimed, backing up the theory there was a major explosion.

However, in another twist the airline also claim flight data shows the jet mysteriously climbed nearly 3,000 feet in three seconds before lurching back down 3,000 feet in the final minutes of its flight.

ISIS claimed it shot down the Metrojet aircraft on Saturday but Russian officials insist it was flying too high to be hit by a missile. They also say ISIS does not have access to such weapons.

Russia’s transport minister has dismissed claims an ISIS-affiliate in the region was responsible but French experts agree terrorists may have placed the bomb on the plane that crashed over Sinai.

Experts have also pointed out photos of the wreckage show the skin of the jet peeling outwards suggesting a force from inside the plane being responsible.

An Egyptian official in the civil aviation ministry also said it was possible the plane was brought down by an explosive planted onboard.


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