Calls Rise for Blair to Face War Crimes Trial

Calls Rise for Blair to Face War Crimes Trial
Wed Aug 5, 2015 16:37:27

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair should face a war crimes trial, according to the left-wing Labour Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn. Blair is already facing criticism in published inquiry for the invasion of Iraq.

Blair has come under increasing pressure over his decision to join US President George W. Bush in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which led to the toppling of Saddam Hussein, who had been president or better say Dictator since 1979, Spuntic News Agency reports.

Former UK PM was heavily criticized for releasing a 'dodgy dossier', justifying the invasion, which turned out to be largely plagiarized from unattributed sources.

Another document released for the same effect said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, which he could deploy to UK targets within 45 minutes – a claim later withdrawn by the head of MI6, according to a House of Commons statement by Blair’s then foreign secretary Jack Straw.

Blair was further accused of breaking international law because his invasion of Iraq was illegal and did not having the backing of the United Nations.

Blair’s government, in the run-up to invasion, faced down one of the biggest popular uprisings Britain had seen against going to war against Iraq.

Blair agreed with the US President, George W. Bush’s view that the Iraqi dictator had weapons of mass destruction that could be used against British targets.