Araqchi: Iran’s Missile Program Not in Violation with Vienna Agreement

Araqchi: Iran’s Missile Program Not in Violation with Vienna Agreement
Sun Jul 26, 2015 18:03:49

According to Al-Alam News Network, Deputy of Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi announced medium-range missiles’ programs by the Islamic Republic of Iran are not in violation with Vienna Deal.

Abbas Araqchi in an interview with Al-Alam TV’s program “Min Tehran” (“From Tehran”) said, “Iran is requested not to following activities related to ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.”

Araqchi reiterated: “none of Iranian missiles are designed to carry nuclear warheads; therefore, in this respect there is no worry.”

The issue inspection of military facilities have been resolved

Deputy of Iranian Foreign Minister announced: “As many experts believe, Additional Protocol does not require access to military bases.”

Both sides are winners in “Nuclear Agreement”

In a general overview of Iran and the P5+1 nuclear agreement, Araqchi added: “Iran’s aim was to continue its peaceful nuclear program including enrichment, which has been achieved.”

Araqchi reiterated: “At the same time, our goal is that all sanctions to be lifted, this will be achieved, too. All six previous Security Council’s resolutions abolished. Therefore, we could reach our goals. P5+1 reached their own goal that was the confidence of Iran’s nuclear program.”

Vienna Agreement is binding for all countries

Araqchi said, “Vienna Agreement was approved by the UN Security Council, in terms of international law, its implementation is mandatory for all countries.”

US Congress’s negative reaction would be a big mistake

About the possibility of US Congress’s opposition to lift the sanctions against Iran, Deputy of Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi declared, “Let’s see this happen or not and then we can decide. Of course, it would be a big mistake by the US Congress, US government’s international credibility will be questioned, and certainly it will destroy the legitimacy of sanctions.”

Iranian Parliamentarians carefully review the Vienna agreement

This route is now in Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) and Iranian Foreign Ministry for his part in all these meetings will explain the issues. The final decision, however, depends on the Iranian parliamentarians or the country’s Supreme National Security Council.

The presence of American inspectors was rejected

About the entrance of American inspectors into Iran, Araqchi told Al-Alam TV: “We rejected the presence of US inspectors among the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors.”

Araqchi said, “Iran has made it clear in the nuclear talks that none of the IAEA inspectors visiting Iran should have American nationality.”

“The Vienna deal (JCPOA) also stipulates that the inspectors that the agency (IAEA) will assign to conduct inspection in Iran should be from the countries with which Tehran has diplomatic ties. Hence, there will be no possibility of presence of American inspectors (in Iran) even in the future,” he pointed out.


Iran and the US have fundamental differences

“We have fundamental differences with the US over the regional issues, those related to the hegemonic system, and many other subjects,” Araqchi said in an interview with Al-Alam TV on Sunday.

“I personally see no immediate prospect for the establishment of (diplomatic) relations between Iran and the US,” the senior diplomat noted.

Araqchi, also a senior negotiator in nuclear talks with the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany), explained that the nuclear issue was only one of the numerous gaps between Tehran and Washington.

Though the nuclear issue will be somehow resolved, other serious issues will remain in place, he added.

Cooperation with the P5+1 in Iran’s future nuclear activities

About future cooperation with the P5+1, Araqchi announced, “In three issues in the next few months we will have good cooperation with Russia and China.”

“Arak is the first issue in cooperation with China and other members of the P5+1 that are interested in the modernization of existing reactor in Arak,” Araqchi added.

“Within the next few months, we will work with Russia on the two stable isotopes production and export of enriched uranium,” Araqchi reiterated.

Expanding cooperation with Europe and trying to solve problems

About the High-level of competition among European countries to travel to Iran, Araqchi explained, “I cannot or do not want to say a normal relationship will be established. However, when one of the major problems to be resolved on the nuclear issue, naturally the way for new cooperation and a new page of relations between Iran and European countries opens. Certainly, we will witness the better economic and political exchanges between Iran and European countries.”

Previous experiences influence future relations

“Differences and history of some of these countries have an impact on future relations. However, diplomatic relations is a fluid flow,” the diplomat added.

China and Russia had a constructive role in the negotiations

“Our relation with Russia and China was an extensive cooperation. Russia and China had positive and constructive role in nuclear negotiations during the previous ten years,” Araqchi added.

The success of the nuclear deal leads to possible following meetings

“Negotiations with the West (like Syria Crisi) in the future, depends on the successful conclusion of negotiations on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program with the P5+1,” Deputy of Minister Arachi reiterated.

The two sides also agreed to implement the deal seriously

Araqchi said, “In spite of very difficult negotiations in these two years, the two sides were to eventually reach full intensity. All believed that the talks could terminate an unnecessary crisis in the world and control the heavy consequences of the crisis.”

Zionists and lobbying US Congress are serious oppositions in deal with Iran

Deputy of Iranian Foreign Minister said, “The Zionist regime is at the forefront of opposition to the agreement. Israel needs tension and does not want a peaceful Middle East. The Zionist regime called for the continuation of conflicts and tensions in the region. Certainly, any movement that assures the region’s stability is not welcomed by Israel.”


Agreement improved regional security and stability

“The agreement will have many positive effects on security, peace and stability in the region. It has been proved that complex and difficult problems can be solved through negotiations,” the diplomat reiterated.

Saudi Arabia and other countries’ concern will be resolved

About Saudi Arabia’s concerns, Araqchi said, “Iran’s policy is based on the partnership and cooperation with all countries in the region together for peace and stability, and solving regional problems through dialogue.”

About the possibility of Iranian Foreign Minister’s visit to Riyadh, Arachi announced, “I hope that Dr. Zarif’s travel to Saudi Arabia to be provided at a later stage.”

Iran and the Group 5+1 (also known as the P5+1 or E3+3) finalized the text of a lasting agreement on Tehran's nuclear energy program in Vienna, Austria, on July 14. Later, the 15-memebr United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing the text of the deal.

According to the resolution, seven previous UN resolutions on Iran will be terminated when the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) submits a report to the council verifying that Iran has implemented certain nuclear-related measures.

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