Kurdish Forces Kill 80 ISIS Terrorists in Kirkuk

Kurdish Forces Kill 80 ISIS Terrorists in Kirkuk
Tue Jul 7, 2015 18:26:58

Iraq's Kurdish Pishmarga forces, in a surprise attack on the ISIS positions in the early hours of Tuesday morning, killed tens of Takfiri terrorists in Southern Kirkuk, local sources said.

At least 80 ISIS militants were killed and dozens more injured in heavy clashes with Kurdish forces.

A Pishmarga source said that the ISIS terrorists attacked the Kurdish forces from six different directions, but they were pushed back.

Kurdish forces drove the ISIS terrorists back from the Southern parts of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in Northern Iraq on Monday.

The ISIS started attacks on the Southern parts of Kirkuk at midnight and continued the offensive until sunrise but the Pishmarga fighters repelled the aggression and hit a heavy blow at the terrorist group.

Tens of ISI terrorists were killed and over a hundred were held captive by the Kurdish forces.

The Kurdish Pishmarga took control of Kirkuk last summer shortly after the ISIS captured Mosul from the Iraqi army. Since then they have fought some of their fiercest battles with the radical group in the Southern parts of the city.

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