Over 40 ISIS Terrorists Killed by Kurdish Forces in Sinjar

Over 40 ISIS Terrorists Killed by Kurdish Forces in Sinjar
Sun May 24, 2015 16:15:23

The Iraqi Kurdish Pishmarga Forces repelled the ISIS terrorists' offensives in Sinjar frontline and killed at least 40 ISIS fighters, Kurdish military sources confirmed.

Pishmarga Commander at the Sinjar frontline Lieutenant Zamdar Raza Zebari said on Saturday that the ISIS attacked Pishmarga forces from several directions in Sinjar.

Zebari said, “The militants attacked the Pishmarga's positions from a number of neighborhoods, but fortunately our forces were quick to respond to the attacks and killed or wounded tens of the ISIS terrorists”.

Confirmed numbers are as yet unavailable, but Zebari believes that 40 terrorists were killed, with many more wounded.

Earlier this month, Pishmarga forces repelled the ISIS terrorists' attacks and killed at least 15 of them in the Sinjar frontline near the district of Snunie, in Nineveh.

The source added, “The ISIS launched an attack on our Sinjar frontline, close to the Snunie district, but we immediately responded to the attack and drove all the terrorists out”.

the Pishmarga officer revealed, “The ISIS left 15 of their militants killed in the battlefront”.

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