Bahrainis Protest against Blood Formula One

Bahrainis Protest against Blood Formula One
Fri Apr 17, 2015 16:23:50

Thousands of Bahraini demonstrators have taken to the streets of this country to protest against arrest and detention of opposition figures against al-Khalifa Regime, Al-Alam reports.

In al-Deraz, Karzakan, Sanad and al-Daih, west of Manama People protesting against al-Khalifa regime.

According to local sources al-Khalifa regime attack peaceful protester in al-Deraz region near Manama.

One of detained figures is sheikh Ali Salman head of the Shiite opposition movement Al-Wefaq who is behind bars for allegedly trying to overthrow the regime.

His arrest on December 28, 2014, shortly after he was re-elected head of Bahrain's main opposition party Al-Wefaq, has sparked near-daily protests in Shiite villages

Demonstrators were also protesting against Bahrain Grand Prix Formula One irrespective of a bloody crackdown launched by brutal Bahraini regime against its people.

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