New Mass Grave of Speicher Massacre Discovered + Video

Thu Mar 19, 2015 18:54:57

Iraqi joint forces have discovered at least four mass graves containing the remains of Shiite fighters in Abu Ajeel village, east of Tikrit, military officials have said.

The Iraqi military announced Wednesday the victims were from formerly US-run Contingency Operating Base Speicher where nearly 1,700 military trainees were reportedly killed in June after Iraqi army forces withdrew from Tikrit city in the face of an ISIS onslaught into the region, RUDAW reports.

The graves were identified by Iraq’s special committee in charge of investigating ISIS mass killings. Iraqi Shiite leaders have been calling on the international community to recognize the as a genocide.

 UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq said in September the murders classified as an international crime, not a crime of genocide.

In a series of Tweets and shocking photos posted in June to their social-media sites, the ISIS militants were showing slaughtering the Speicher victims.

Led by the Iraqi army and Shiite militias, the military campaign to recapture Tikrit is still ongoing with reported advances against ISIS fighters.

On March 11, 2015, Asaib Ahl al-Haq Movement announced the discovery of two mass graves for victims of the Speicher Base massacre in the center of Albu Ajil village east of Tikrit.

ISIS group has executed hundreds of trainees and students at Speicher Base north of the city of Tikrit. Security sources indicated that the execution was due to sectarian backgrounds.

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