By Video: Iraqi Army Target ISIS in Outskirts of Tikrit

Wed Mar 18, 2015 16:13:00

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence released images on Wednesday saying Iraqi troops targeting ISIS position on the outskirts of Tikrit.

According to the ministry, the soldiers were firing at targets.

The footage also showed some families returned to their home towns after liberation from ISIS militants.

Iraqi troops along with Shiite militiamen have been battling to retake the strategic northern city of Tikrit.

The city, which is the capital of Salahuddin province, lies about 130 kilometres (80 miles) north of Baghdad.

It is one of the largest cities held by ISIS/ISIL militants and lies on the road connecting Baghdad to Mosul.

Retaking it will help Iraqi forces have a major supply link for any future operation to retake Mosul.

So far, the campaign is not being aided by US-led airstrikes, which continue elsewhere in Iraq and Syria

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