ISIS Intelligence Commander Died in Kobane

Thu Jan 15, 2015 16:42:04

Abu Saad al-Daghistani is killed in Kobane days after he appeared in video claiming to show a child executing two people accused of spying.

The ISIS commander who appeared alongside a child executioner in a chilling video just days ago has been killed in Syria, it is believed, ISIS fighters on Twitter are claiming.

Al-Daghistani who is described variously as a fighter and an ISIS intelligence commander featured in ISIS' last video, which claimed to show a young boy executing two Russian spies, MailOnline reports.

The footage showed the boy standing next to al-Daghistani, behind two kneeling 'spies', after which the boy allegedly shoots the grey-clad men in the back of their heads.

Al-Daghistani speaks during the video, telling the cameraman 'Allah has gifted the “Islamic State” with these two spies'.'By Allah's grace, they are now in the custody of the lion cubs of the Khilafah,' he adds.

The boy walks up behind the 'spies' and appears to be shooting them both in the back of the head, before raising the gun and cheering.

News of al-Daghistani's death began to circulate on Twitter yesterday.

But in Kobani, ISIS militants have attempted an attack with a bomb-laden vehicle Thursday noon. According to the reports provided by the correspondents on the ground, Kurdish YPG/YPJ fighters have thwarted the attack by blowing up the bomb-laden vehicle before it reached the target. Clashes are reported following the intervention by Defense Units.

A Kurdish fighter in the People’s Protection Units (YPG) Khaled Minas, told Ara news that in the last few days the ISIS extremists have used heavy and sophisticated weapons in bombing the city “other than previously used mortars and shells”. “They were likely to be tanks or artillery.” “The ISIS radicals have continued to bombard the western and northern parts of Kobani with a large number of heavy shells, causing major destruction in these neighborhoods,” Minas added.

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