Hezbollah Harshly Condemns Takfiri Terrorist Attack in Tripoli

Hezbollah Harshly Condemns Takfiri Terrorist Attack in Tripoli
Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:51:38

Hezbollah harshly condemned the horrific crime that was committed on Saturday night by the takfiri terrorism in Jabal Mohsen and that claimed a large number of martyrs and wounded.

In a statement, Hezbollah offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and to the residents as well as the leaders of Jabal Mohsen, calling on them to preserve consistency and patience and to avoid the reactions that help the criminals achieve their despicable goals.

The statement added that the features and the goals of the terrorist crime are clear, what confirms that the source the dangers which threaten all the Lebanese regions and  sects  is the takfiri criminality.

Hezbollah noted that targeting Tripoli in the meantime is a terrorist attempt to re-incite the sedition in the northern city.

The crime reflects the takfiris' rage because of the fact that Tripoli locals are committed with the national values and shows the terrorists' annoyance due to the atmosphere of tolerance, pacification and dialogue that is taking place in Lebanon, according to the statement.

Hezbollah further asserted that all the Lebanese are concerned with isolating the terrorist groups which threaten all the country, highlighting the importance of strengthening the cooperation among the army, the security apparatuses and the state institutions in the context of the war on terrorism culturally, socially and practically in order to eradicate this scourge that threatens our nation and its peoples.

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