Iran successfully fired the country's home-made cruise missiles

Iran successfully fired the country's home-made cruise missiles
Tue Dec 30, 2014 21:02:45

The Iranian Navy vessels successfully fired the country's home-made Nour and Nasr cruise missiles on the sixth day of the massive Mohammad Rasoulallah (PBUH) drills in the Southern and Southeastern parts of the country.

In March, the Iranian defense ministry started the mass-delivery of different ballistic missiles, including Qadr, Qiam, Fateh 110 and Khalij-e Fars missiles, as well as Mersad air defense system to the IRGC and Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base.

"The specialists of the Defense Ministry’s Aerospace Organization displayed the defense industry' power and capability in providing the Armed Forces' needs to the most advanced missile equipment by supplying them with Qadr, Qiam, Fateh 110 and Khalij-e Fars (Persian Gulf) ballistic missiles and Mersad air defense system and showed that the different and comprehensive sanctions of the enemies imposed strictly and specially on our defense sector have totally failed to undermine their resolve and determination," Dehqan said at the time, addressing a ceremony held to mark the delivery of the new missile systems to the IRGC and Khatam Ol-Anbia Air Defense Base.

"These missiles can strike and destroy enemy targets with a high precision capability and provide for a wide range of the Armed Forces’ needs to missiles with different ranges," he added.

Dehqan underlined that all these missiles have been built by Iranian specialists, and said, "Today the Armed Forces enjoy such a high degree of defensive capabilities that they can counter back any kind of threat posed from beyond the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

The Mersad system equipped with Shahin missiles is capable of tracing and targeting any enemy aircraft at 70 to 150km altitude and is considered as a mid-altitude system among the country's missile shields.


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