The Secret Diary of an ISIL Bride

The Secret Diary of an ISIL Bride
Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:17:51

A female doctor says she left her comfortable middle class life in Malaysia to join the ISIL - where she married a terrorist she had never before met and whose language she could not speak.

Calling herself Shams, the 26-year-old has since kept an impassioned diary of the time she claims she spent in ISIL-held cities Taqba and Raqqa - updating a number of social media sites with florid descriptions of her marriage to a Morocco-born terrorist who uses the nom de guerre Abu Baraa.

As well as posting detailed accounts of her day to day life as an a terror bride, Shams also posts words of encouragement for other young female fanatics thinking of joining ISIL - often updating her websites with chilling images, including one of a doctor's stethoscope wrapped around a rifle.

Shams has told her followers that she first travelled to Syria in February, adding that her emotions were at the time were a mixture of 'excitement' at the prospect of joining the terrorists and 'sadness' at the thought of leaving family members at home in Malaysia.

She added that she can speak English, Urdu and Hindi, which has helped her fit in with the huge number of foreigners who have travelled to join ISIL without being able to speak Arabic.

Her claims cannot be independently verified and she has not responded to contact on social media.

Her marriage to Abu Baraa was arranged for her by another woman in April and, despite the couple not sharing a common language, Shams has written about their relationship in breathless phrases that wouldn't look out of place in a Mills and Boon novel.

Describing their first meeting, she wrote: 'I was trembling. Nervous. Scared. My emotions were mixed. When he noticed my arrival, he gave salaam [said hello] and introduced himself, so did I. Then, it was a long awkward silence.'

In one of her most recent postings on Twitter, Shams wrote: 'A life without terror is like drinking sea water. It keeps you thirsty & cause you dehydrated


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