Israel should not cooperate with UN war crimes probe: Officials

Israel should not cooperate with UN war crimes probe: Officials
Wed Aug 6, 2014 20:37:28

Israeli Foreign Ministry has instructed Tel Aviv authorities to avoid cooperating with the UN inquiry into Israel's brutal war on Gaza.

The ministry says Tel Aviv should not work with an inquiry by the UN Human Rights Council into Israel’s military conduct in the blockaded Palestinian enclave.

The latest recommendation has been reportedly crafted by senior diplomats and members of the ministry.

The senior Israeli diplomats have cited Israel’s failure to cooperate with the Goldstone probe into Tel Aviv's war on Gaza in 2008 and 2009 as their reason. They say the Goldstone investigation disappeared from the world after Israel failed to work with him.

This come as the UN Human Rights Council has recently condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza as disproportionate and indiscriminate. The council says it has launched an international inquiry into Israel’s violations of human rights in its month-long war on the Palestinian territory.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki has recently asked the UN to end what he called Israel's impunity, saying Tel Aviv must be held accountable for its crimes in Gaza.

The senior Palestinian diplomat is also pushing for a war crimes case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel due to the Zionist regime's brutal aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip. The complaint filed by Palestine details war crimes committed by the Israeli army over the past few weeks in Palestine.

The Israeli military aggression has taken the lives of more than 1,875 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and wounded over 9,600 others in Gaza since July 8.

International bodies and human rights groups say civilians account for the majority of the victims of the Israeli war.


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