Kerry proposes open Israel-Gaza borders: Report

Kerry proposes open Israel-Gaza borders: Report
Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:41:58

US Secretary of State John Kerry has proposed a draft Gaza ceasefire plan that calls for the opening of Gaza-Israel border crossings and ensuring "the economic livelihood" of Palestinians in the Strip, Israeli media outlets report.

The document, titled "Framework for Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza," also reportedly states that a lasting truce would make possible the "transfer of funds to Gaza for the payment of salaries for public employees," the regime's Haaretz newspaper claimed in a Sunday report.

According to the report, the proposed ceasefire would also "address all security concerns."

The occupying regime would not be allowed to continue its operation to destroy tunnels during the initial ceasefire, the draft reportedly stipulates.

It makes no explicit mention of the demilitarization of Palestinian factions in Gaza, the report adds.

According to the daily, Israeli officials were "in shock" upon reading the draft, saying it ignored the regime's "security concerns."

"We succeeded in foiling that document and now we are discussing other options," Haaretz quoted Zionist officials as saying.

An associate of Kerry reportedly responded to Israeli criticism by saying, "There is no paper and no proposal. The draft was based on the Egyptian proposal that Israel wholeheartedly supported. So if they are opposed, they are opposed to their own plan."

The Israeli regime voted down a ceasefire proposal on Friday, instead agreeing to a 12-hour humanitarian truce starting Saturday at 8 am.

Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza say they will not accept any ceasefire that does not involve the lifting of the eight-year blockade on the Strip, which has severely limited imports and exports and has led to frequent humanitarian crises in the impoverished enclave.


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