Gaza baby delivered after mother killed in Israeli airstrike

Gaza baby delivered after mother killed in Israeli airstrike
Sun Jul 27, 2014 14:49:13

A baby girl has been rescued from her dead mother’s womb by caesarian after an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip.

The girl – who has not yet been given a name – is being cared for in a hospital, where doctors say she has a 50 per cent chance of survival, the BBC reported.

“I’m very angry, I’m very sad. I feel that this baby is mine,” said a Palestinian doctor interviewed by the BBC. The bombing which killed the baby’s mother took place on a small block of flats housing civilians, the news channel reported.

Meanwhile, ABC correspondent in Gaza Alexander Marquardt, gave a telling interview with The Huffington Post in an interview saying the bloodshed in Gaza is the most difficult assignment he has ever covered.

“There are so many times when there are just these awful, tragic, heartbreaking scenes,” Marquardt said.

“When you’re on the ground and you’re seeing things in terms of black and white, and just the human side of the story, the massive death toll, the massive level of destruction, it doesn’t matter what your politics are,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a viewer and you’re coming at this story from a certain angle. When you see children and babies crushed to death in their homes or targeted in airstrikes, it’s just heartbreaking.”

Asked what scenes had lingered with him, he mentioned the Israeli strike that killed four Palestinian boys on a Gaza beach. The strike hit just near the hotel where Marquardt and many other international journalists were staying. Some of the reporters found themselves rushing to try to save the children. In another instance, Marquardt watched a young boy get hit by shrapnel and killed.

“These are things that really do stick with you,” he said.

The Israeli regime launched a major air campaign in Gaza on July 8 and later sent ground troops into the besieged territory. The aggression has left over 1,000 Palestinians martyred and more than 6,000 others injured.


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