Israel attacks Gaza right after ceasefire, another 5 kids killed

Israel attacks Gaza right after ceasefire, another 5 kids killed
Thu Jul 17, 2014 21:24:30

Temporary imposed ceasefire in Gaza ended with Israeli heavy bombardment of civilian areas in the coastal strip, resulting in death of another five children.

Seven Palestinians including three children from the same family were killed and seven injured in renewed Israeli airstrikes on the territory.
Latest fatalities brought the total number of Palestinians killed in ten days of Israeli attacks to 237 and 1,770 injured.

Three children were killed in a strike on the house of the Shuhaibar family in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, in an attack that also injured three other members of the family.

The three dead children were identified as Fulla Tariq Shuhaibar, Jihad Issam Shuhaibar, and Wasim Issam Shuhaibar.

Another strike on a family in Khan Younis killed their 4-year old baby, Rahaf Khalil al-Jbour. 

A picture of Palestinian kid, Rahaf Khalil al-Jbour, killed by Israeli airstrike on Gaza Strip, July 17, 2014.

Another 4-year-old named Yassin al-Humaidi, also died of injuries sustained during Israeli attack on Gaza City.

An Israeli airstrike also hit Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip at 4:35 p.m. Thursday, killing a young man.

Since July 8, Israeli warplanes have struck more than 1,800 targets across Gaza, which is home to around 1.8 million Palestinians. The strikes have so far claimed the lives of 230 with more than 1,700 others injured.

Despite international calls for an end to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said recently that the Tel Aviv regime was hitting Gaza “with growing force” and that there was no end in sight.


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