Russia must boost arms exports: Putin

Russia must boost arms exports: Putin
Mon Jul 7, 2014 17:42:31

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been quoted as saying Russia should boost its arms exports to help the industry upgrade and add more high-end jobs to the labor market.

"It is important to... strengthen Russia's presence on global arms markets," RIA news agency quoted Putin as telling a meeting on military cooperation with foreign countries on Monday.

"Beyond doubt, this should help national defense industries to plan for an expansion and update of production, (and) create new quality jobs."

Russia is already the world's top arms exporter and sold some $15.7 billion worth of weapons abroad - primarily guns, missiles and fighter jets - in 2013.

Russia is also modernizing its own armed forces and has showcased their new face in the small mobile units.

Moscow has also stepped up the frequency of military drills in recent months and Putin has said that practice would continue to keep the country's army combat-ready.

He also called for further efforts to replace defense industry imports - including from Ukraine - with Russia's own production in an effort to make the country's defense industry self-sufficient.

Russian arms exports in the first half of 2014 reached $5.6 billion, Putin was quoted as saying.


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