Israeli war jets hit 10 Gaza sites amid high tensions

Israeli war jets hit 10 Gaza sites amid high tensions
Sun Jul 6, 2014 16:50:39

The Israeli military has carried out fresh airstrikes on 10 sites in the besieged Gaza Strip while tensions remained high following weekend clashes between the regime’s police forces and protesters in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Arab towns in northern Israel.

Local sources and eyewitnesses said an Israeli warplane fired several missiles at two agricultural lands in Al-Fakhari area to the southeast of Khan Younis and other lands in Rafah area.

The air raids also targeted a resistance site in southern Gaza and an empty land near the car market in Al-Zeitoun neighborhood.

The airstrikes, however, caused no casualties among civilians or resistance fighters, according to a spokesman for the Palestinian health ministry.

In an earlier incident, Israeli warplanes further bombed other areas across the Gaza Strip on Saturday evening, while Gaza-based Palestinian resistance fighters responded by striking targets in the Israeli-occupied Beersheba city with rockets.

One air-to-surface missile landed in an empty land in Rafah area and another one was fired at an area in Abdul-Ghafour neighborhood in Al-Qarara district, local reports said.

One Palestinian civilian was reportedly wounded in the air raid on Rafah area.

Later, an Israeli assassination drone targeted a poultry farm in Gaza’s Qarara district with two missiles, causing only material damage.

In retaliation, the Palestinian resistance fired three Grad missiles at Beersheba city.

Meanwhile, the Israeli regime’s anti-missile Iron dome systems failed to intercept two of the rockets fired by resistance fighters, which landed in empty areas, according to the Hebrew radio.


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