Israel denies Bedouins rights to have access to water

Israel denies Bedouins rights to have access to water
Sun Jul 6, 2014 13:38:43

Some 75,000 members of Bedouin communities in rural areas in the occupied lands of Palestine’s southern desert region of Negev have no access to running water, a report says.

According to the report published by the Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, many others have restricted access to water and are paying much more for it compared to consumers in other communities.

Moreover, the Tel Aviv regime has rejected almost all the Bedouin requests to connect their villages to its water system, and the Israeli regime’s Health Ministry fails to supervise the quality of the water transported to the houses of the Bedouin in tankers.

Regardless of the price, Bedouins do not receive all the services they pay for, such as a sewage system, the report also notes.

Additionally, the Bedouin cannot pay according to the basic water quota based on the number of people per household, because it is almost impossible for them to obtain legal status for their houses. Consequently, every community pays for all the water it consumes, which comes to a much higher price.

Israel continues to ignore Bedouins in the Negev desert in an attempt to pressure them to leave their villages.

Scores were displaced after Israeli bulldozers demolished their homes. Tel Aviv has already approved military and settlement projects in areas where Bedouins live.

Rights groups say the measures will lead to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians living in rural areas.


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