Syria terrorists kill 27 in Aleppo mortar attack

Syria terrorists kill 27 in Aleppo mortar attack
Mon Jun 2, 2014 14:53:52

Foreign-backed terrorists in Syria have killed at least 27 more people in the northern city of Aleppo by launching more mortar shelling of population centers less than a day before the country’s presidential election.

Nearly 80 others were also injured on Monday after the insurgents fired more than 50 mortar shells into al-Jamiliyah, al-Meridian and Sa'adallah al-Jabiri neighborhoods in Aleppo.

The recent attacks brought to 50 the number of the people who have been killed in Aleppo over the past three days.

On Saturday, 20 people were killed after insurgents fired 40 mortar shells on several neighborhoods of the flashpoint city.

According to some sources over 150,000 people have been killed since the Syrian crisis erupted in March 2011.

Takfiri groups have stepped up their attacks against Syrians in several cities and towns as the country prepares for a presidential election on June 3.

President Bashar al-Assad is competing in the presidential race. He will face Maher Abdel Hafiz Hajjar, a lawmaker from Aleppo, as well as Hassan Abdallah al-Nuri, a legislator from Damascus, in the forthcoming presidential race.


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