EU report warns of Israeli bids against Aqsa Mosque

EU report warns of Israeli bids against Aqsa Mosque
Sat Mar 29, 2014 22:28:08

European diplomats in Israel have warned against attempts by the Tel Aviv regime to change the status quo at the al-Aqsa Mosque, insisting that such a move would trigger a widespread regional violence.

The warning came in a Friday report by representatives of the European Union states in Ramallah and al-Quds (Jerusalem), further emphasizing that the holy Mosque is being exposed to real threats by the Israeli regime, which threatens to turn into the explosion of the Islamic and Arab worlds against the occupying entity.

The EU report further pointed to an unprecedented increase in Israeli settlement expansion efforts in the occupied al-Quds since it resumed last July amid the US-sponsored negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Tel Aviv regime.

The report also held the Israeli occupiers accountable for the deterioration of living and social conditions of Jerusalem’s Palestinian natives, who constitute 39 percent of the total population in the city.

In a related development, the ISESCO's archeology expert commission also called for essential efforts to raise the awareness of the Islamic and international public opinion on the dangers of Israel's illegal practices in the occupied al-Quds as well as its potential impacts on international and regional affairs.

In a statement broadcast on Friday by its information department, ISESCO called for organizing an international conference on Jerusalem this year to discuss the Israeli violations in the holy city and come up with strategies to contain such abuses.

ISESCO further condemned the Israeli attempts to revoke Jordan's sovereignty over the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and its support for near daily break-ins by Zionist settlers and police raids.

The organization also described Israel's measures against the al-Aqsa Mosque and its Muslim visitors as a flagrant violation of the international law.

For its part, the United Nations has also expressed its deep concerns over the growing demolition of Palestinian homes in occupied al-Quds by the Israeli regime.


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