Al-Qaeda women recruiting online: Saudi Arabia

Al-Qaeda women recruiting online: Saudi Arabia
Thu Mar 20, 2014 13:47:14

Saudi Arabia has warned that members of terror group Al-Qaeda are using popular websites to recruit young people into what has been described as a new online-based “invasion”, reports say.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs’ so-called Assakina initiative has claimed that female members are targeting young men and women through sports and music sites, Saudi Gazette reported on Thursday.

According to sources quoted by the newspaper, their aim is to attract a big number of people in an “organized and covert manner”.

The sources said they operate from within Saudi Arabia and abroad.

“Their method is to individually participate on many websites and forums and interact with people,” the Gazette reported.

It is believed that the nickname 'Rabeebah Al Selah' (female ally of weapon) is used by some women on Al-Qaeda sites.

Saudi Arabia has in the last decade clamped down on potential security threats, with the kingdom earlier this month formally designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

The kingdom has also designated the Nusra Front and the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), whose militants are battling Syrian army forces, as terrorist organizations.

It followed last month's royal decree where Riyadh said it would jail for between three and 20 years any citizen who fought guilty of fighting in conflicts abroad.

The kingdom's authorities want to deter Saudis from joining militants abroad and posing a security risk once they return home.

Saudi Arabia, along with Qatar and Turkey, are viewed as major supporters of militants fighting against the Syrian government.

Last month, reports said that the Al Saud regime has relieved its spymaster, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, of his duties in leading the kingdom's mission in the Syrian crisis.

According to recent reports, Saudi Arabia has assigned Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef to lead Riyadh’s anti-Damascus policies instead of Prince Bandar, who has been a staunch supporter of Takfiri militants operating against Syria.


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