Fighting terrorism Syria’s top priority in Geneva talks: Meqdad

Fighting terrorism Syria’s top priority in Geneva talks: Meqdad
Mon Feb 10, 2014 19:05:07

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad has underscored that fighting terrorism is Syria’s top priority and high on the agenda in Geneva 2 talks.

At a press briefing in the Swiss city of Geneva, Meqdad highlighted that unless the bloodshed stopped, Syrians would not trust the Geneva 2 talks.

Referring to the massacre of children and women in the northern Syrian village of Ma'an in the Hama Province, Meqdad said that fighting terrorism and stopping the bloodshed are Syria’s top priority in the second round of Geneva 2 talks.

Condemning the killing of the civilians in the village of Ma’an on Sunday, the Syrian official said the terrorists’ sole aim was killing children and women. Terrorist group murdered more than 50 civilians and beheaded 4 physically disabled.

“Our main goal is to bring the bloodshed in Syria to an end. Real and genuine peace comes only after the bloodshed and terrorism halt”, Meqdad added.

“Everyone in Syria looks at the government and international community to bring an end to the ongoing crisis and terrorism in this country. If the foreign powers do not give up their support from the extremist groups, reaching a real peace would be impossible," Meqdad said.

“In the past, they (opposition) accused the government of committing such heinous acts; but they themselves are the perpetrators of such atrocities.”

“It is time to bring such terrorist acts to an end and reach a consensus on stopping the bloodshed,” he added. “Syrian government vows to continue protecting Syrian civilians against terrorists under any circumstances,” Meqdad concluded.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister  said earlier that the sides supporting terrorism seek to achieve their goals in Syria by worsening the country’s humanitarian condition.

He further stated that the United States, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia send weapons to the foreign-backed militants in Syria.

Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since March 2011.

A very large number of the militants operating inside Syria are reported to be foreign nationals.


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