Lebanese hold rally to protest Saudi terrorism

Lebanese hold rally to protest Saudi terrorism
Sun Feb 2, 2014 14:19:44

Lebanese protesters have gathered outside the Saudi Embassy in Beirut to slam what they called the negative role of Saudi Arabia in the region, reports say.

Chanting slogans against the Saudi policies in the region, protesters on Saturday accused Riyadh of fueling unrest and sectarianism in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

“We consider Saudi Arabia to be the number one exporter of terrorism in the Arab world, because it is funding all Takfiri organizations that are killing our people from Tripoli to Beirut to Sidon,” a protester said.

The demonstrators say the Al Saud regime has been using its petrodollars to finance al-Qaeda-linked and Takfiri groups with the sole aim of destabilizing the region.

The demonstrators also chanted slogans against Saudi spy chief Bandar bin Sultan, calling him a warlord.

Recently, Lebanon has witnessed a wave of deadly bombings claimed by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

In the latest incident of fatal attacks, a car bomb went off in the border city of Hermel on Saturday. Four people died and over a dozen others were wounded in the bombing.

Wanted by the US, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Iran, Saudi terrorist Majed al-Majed was the head of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, an al-Qaeda-affiliated group which claimed responsibility for the Nov. 19 twin suicide bombings outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut. The attack killed 25 people, including Iran’s cultural attaché.


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