Police kills 14 pro-MB protesters in Egypt clashes

Police kills 14 pro-MB protesters in Egypt clashes
Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:04:19

Fourteen people have been killed across Egypt in clashes between the country’s security forces and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, health ministry and medical sources reported.

During a Friday protest rally in the Nile Delta's Damietta governorate, located northeast of Cairo on the Mediterranean coast, local supporters of the military-ousted president Mohamed Morsi squared off with police units as the protesters shouted slogans against the police and army forces.

School pupil Abdullah Nawara was killed during ensuing clashes, which left 11 people injured and also led to the arrest of 12 protesters, according to local press accounts.

Clashes also erupted in Alexandria during a funeral for a student killed in previous clashes in the city on Thursday, leading to the death of another protester.

Moreover, supporters and opponents of the Brotherhood targeted each other with bricks and stones in the Al-Dekheila district, in the western part of the city, with protesters blocking a road before police intervened to separate the sides.

Fierce clashes further broke out in the Cairo suburb of Giza between Morsi supporters and Egyptian security forces.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters gathered in the Imbaba district, west of Cairo, with some burning tires and hurling lit fireworks at security forces, who responded by firing tear gas, local press reported.
One protester was killed in the clashes while least 111 others were reported arrested in several governorates, interior ministry officials said.

Meanwhile, in Beheira governorate in Egypt's Nile Delta, two were killed in clashes between the Brotherhood and residents of Housh Eissa city.

Further in Upper Egypt's Beni Suef governorate, the health ministry and medical sources reported that 5 people were killed during clashes between police and Brotherhood supporters.

Security forces also announced the arrest of 20 more protesters, two of whom were identified as leading Brotherhood members, Mahmoud Fouad and Mohamed Sayyed Abdo, as Friday prayers in the cities of Beni Suef and Al-Wasti developed into protest rallies and clashes with police.

Clashes in Upper Egypt's Fayoum governorate also led to the death of 3, according to the latest health ministry figures.

The protest-related casualties came as at least six individuals were killed and more than 80 injured in Cairo Friday morning in three separate bomb attacks targeting police buildings and personnel.

One of the bombs was reportedly detonated in front of a movie theater in Giza, west of Cairo, but details from the scene have not yet indicated whether the intended target was the cinema or other facilities nearby, such as the Giza governorate headquarters located only meters away.

Friday's bomb attacks have heightened tensions in Egypt a day ahead of planned protest rallies to mark the anniversary of the nation’s 2011 revolution that led to the ouster of the US-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak.


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